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Convectron experiments at KEMA High Power Laboratory, Arnhem, The Netherlands, 1987

Keynote on Convectron technology

Natural phenomenon of ball lightning

As rare natural phenomenon, ball lightning occasionally appears during a thunderstorm. Size ranges from several centimetres to the size of a football, and lifetime from several seconds to more than one minute. The colour is often white or ranges from red through yellow to blue.

Convectron ball lightning model

The Convectron ball lightning model explains this enigmatic phenomenon. The model finds nuclear fusion as stable process in our atmosphere and includes scale rules that upgrade fusion of deuterium to commercial energy production.

Direct route to controlled nuclear fusion

In ball lightning, nature is offering a shortcut solution to controlled fusion for energy production. Convectron aims to prove this alternative route to nuclear fusion.

Working prototype within four years

The company sets out to demonstrate a working prototype within four years from the start of the project. As next step, mass production of efficient and profitable fusion reactors enters the picture.

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