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Convectron experiments at KEMA High Power Laboratory, Arnhem, The Netherlands, 1987

Keynote on investment and risks

Motivation for issuing depository receipts

Since the test programs of the 1980's, explanatory power and scope of the Convectron model have made decisive progress. The mathematical description of the phenomenon is now robust and complete.

Progress in modelling and a non-erosive approach to fireball ignition justify a new round of experiments for definitive breakthrough.

Four-year project needs funding

The company seeks adequate funding for financing its intended activities: a four year project for R&D and demonstration.

For this purpose the company offers depository receipts of shares in its capital. A trust foundation issues the receipts and administers the underlying shares. The proceeds of a fully subscribed issue cover the project budget.

Upon success substantial increase in value possible

Upon success, the project will result in a commercial prototype of a small-scale continuous nuclear fusion reactor within four years. As a result, the shares may then represent substantial value.

Arrangement for previous investors

The company offers previous investors in the preceding company an arrangement for exchange for their original share certificates.

Opportunities involve risks

Prospects of profitability naturally imply risks. For risk factors, read the prospectus and the page "participation and risks" on this site.

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