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Convectron experiments at KEMA High Power Laboratory, Arnhem, The Netherlands, 1987

Arrangement for previous investors in the Predecessor

Share exchange regulation

A special arrangement has been created for the previous investors in class B bearer shares in the capital of the Predecessor, the public limited company Convectron N.V., which was dissolved according to a decision of the general meeting held on 8 October 2009.

According to the "share exchange regulation previous investors" (in Dutch: "regeling aandelenomwisseling oud-investeerders"), to be administered by the Issuer, the previous investors are entitled to register their original share certificates with the Issuer, for a future exchange for class A shares in the Company. The regulation provides that for each Dutch guilder (NLG 1.00) nominal value of original class B shares in the Predecessor, one class A share of ten eurocents (€ 0.10) nominal value in the Company will be made available. For this purpose, the Issuer has the disposal of a block of 40,000 class A shares.

For a registration period of three years, from the date of publication of the prospectus, the previous investors can register their share certificates for participation in the regulation. Further details are provided in the text of the regulation. The Dutch version of the regulation is legally binding, the English version is provided for information purposes only. Both documents are available for download at this web site.

Registration procedure

Registration of the share certificates can be done at the special page for this purpose at the web site (at the moment this page is only available in Dutch; see the link below). Holders of such certificates need to provide relevant personal details to the Company. They will receive a confirmation email (or letter if the previous investor does not have an email address), and will be entered in a special register kept for this purpose, stating their relevant personal details and the share certificates they have registered.

link to registration page (currently only in Dutch)

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