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Convectron experiments at KEMA High Power Laboratory, Arnhem, The Netherlands, 1987

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Photo of the Convectron experimental setup at KEMA (Arnhem, The Netherlands), in the High-Power Laboratory, taken before the start of the experiments, on 6 July 1987. Photo KEMA.

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Original file name: 290px-Ball_lightning.jpg

Own production Convectron, based on:

Own production Convectron, based on image in EOS magazine, which was again based on an image of Convectron, Geert Dijkhuis.

From: G.D. Shabanov et al., Performance of the laboratory of ball lightning, Intern. Journ. Unconventional Electromagnetics and Plasmas (UEP), Vol 2, pp 169-174, 2009. The article was previously published in: Proc., 9th Intern. Symp. on Ball Lightning (ISBL-06), Eindhoven, The Netherlands, pp 202-209, 2006.

Own production Convectron, Geert Dijkhuis


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